Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etsy Beadweavers Team May Challenge "Lord of the Rings"

It's Challenge time again and this month's theme "Lord of the Rings" was definitely a challenge for me.  I never saw the recent movie trilogy and for the life of me can't remember if I read the books or not.  So I might be in the minority with this one.

When I was looking through my stash for inspiration, I came upon this really cool gemstone I got as part of the Best Little Bead Box I participated in earlier.  This Banded Agate had a striking look with part black and part clear/milky quartz.  I knew it needed to be a part of a large work.  Then I started my "research" on LOTR by reading about some of the main characters and came upon Éowyn, the lady of Rohan.  Éowyn was known for her blond beauty though she carried within her a deep sorrow.  I loved how the black and white of the stone spoke to the duality of this character. 

The stone is captured with a peyote bezel of dark gold iris and silverlined gold rainbow seed beads and surrounded by dark bronze glass pearls and light gold swarovski pearls. The top of the pendant has a brilliant gold rivoli that creates something of a crown to commemorate her victory in battle. The pendant is accented with a lush fringe and is suspended from a twisted herringbone rope of silverlined gold rainbow and dark gold iris seed beads. A closure featuring a bead bezeled gold rivoli and peyote toggle and loop beautifully finishes this 18.5" necklace. The pendant measures 6" long (inc. fringe) and about 2" wide and is backed with tan ultrasuede.

"Then, Éowyn of Rohan, I say to you that you are beautiful. In the valleys of our hills there are flowers fair and bright, and maidens fairer still; but neither flower nor lady have I seen till now in Gondor so lovely, and so sorrowful. It may be that only a few days are left ere darkness falls upon our world, and when it comes I hope to face it steadily; but it would ease my heart, if while the Sun yet shines, I could see you still. For you and I have both passed under the wings of the Shadow, and the same hand drew us back."
– Faramir, The Steward and the King
Éowyn (Third Age 2995 – Fourth Age ?), the Lady of Rohan, was also known as the Lady of the Shield-arm, the White Lady of Rohan[1], and Lady of Ithilien. She was a member of the House of Eorl and the niece of King Théoden of Rohan. She was the daughter of Théoden's sister, Théodwyn, and Éomund of Eastfold. Her brother was Éomer Éadig.

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