Friday, June 28, 2013

Down in Battle...But Not Out!

The Battle of the Beadsmith has finished up round one and unfortunately my Locked in Time did not move on.  Sure, I'm disappointed.  I enjoyed such wonderful feedback and comments from my fellow beaders for my admittedly way-out-there Steampunk meets Seed Beads collar.  Of course, I still feel that the minute I finished my work on Locked in Time, I won!  So congrats and best of luck to those in round 2 where voting should start soon!  Here are a couple more close up pictures of the details. 

So, I said I'm not OUT... I may be out of the battle, but I've been thrilled to see the response to Locked in Time.  It's now listed in my Etsy Shop

And I'm honored to have been featured by The Navigatrix in her blog and Tumblr account  and a sweet treasury titled "SteamPink"

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