Sunday, November 24, 2013

Navigating the Planets

I promised a followup to my last blogpost and here it is!  What a difference a week and some inspiration can make!  And I mentioned that my next piece would have me back in steampunk mode.  Well, here it is, my latest creation I've called "Navigating the Planets". 

This piece is kind of a steampunk style GPS for all your interplanetary travel needs!  Tiny midnight blue hex beads provide lots of sparkle among the 8 genuine cuckoo clock gear "planets".  Punctuating the planets are gorgeous vintage black iris nailhead trim beads.  A center compass rose and spinning pointer allow the wearer to choose the next planet and set her course!  A lush fringe with gears, locks and keys along with a twisted herringbone rope necklace completes the piece.  I've created this for the Etsy Beadweavers December challenge "Out of this World". 

As for my last post and the galaxy idea, I ripped it.  It was an interesting inspiration and perhaps I can revisit it someday, but I couldn't see a way to "fix" what I had done and felt much better starting over. 

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