Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving on to Battle round 2!

Paisley Garden Boho Beaded Bag
The votes for round one of the Battle of the BeadSmith have been tallied and 40 exceptional works of beaded art are moving on to round two.  It took me a couple takes to realize that my Boho bag MADE IT TO ROUND TWO!!!  OK, so I realize that it's easy for me to say this since I am moving on in the competition, but I seriously did not expect to.  If you read my previous posts about the Battle, I'm pretty clear that I was thrilled to be an "also ran" or cannon fodder or whatever else equates to loser among so many of my beading idols.  One of whom GoodQuillHunting I was paired with!  You can view her amazing necklace "Wango Tango" here on her blog.  So stay tuned!  And if you haven't yet, treat yourself to a gallery of some of the best beaded art you'll ever see at the link above for the facebook group.  Go to the photos section.  Here is a picture of the fabulous "Wango Tango" by Christina Neit - GoodQuillHunting.  Yeah, I do you choose just one?!

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